Small Parish Groups

Life in Jesus Christ is one filled with abundant adventure! Yet, so many people we encounter (even in our parish) feel overburdened in a life of dullness and isolation—and they may not even realize it.  Relationships with others are essential to having a full, vibrant, joyful life.  Small Parish Groups have proven to be an effective means to help us, our family and our friends to live life to the full, overflowing with the blessings that God wants to pour out upon us. 

Our parish is embarking on revitalizing our Small Parish Group ministry and ALL parishioners are being asked to consider joining a Small Parish Group beginning in Lent, around February 14, 2024.

Leaders of a Small Parish Group

Leaders will help others to encounter Jesus Christ and bring Him into their interests and experiences, rather than separating Him from their experiences,  dreams and struggles.   There will be a wide range of groups being formed in our parish.  Those who lead the groups will have input on what kind of group they will lead.  No one will be expected to lead a group alone.  Leaders will be surrounded by a group of parishioners who are similarly convicted who will form a team to support the leader and group.


To prepare, this fall, there is going to be a training series at our parish to help people determine if they might have the gifts to lead a small parish group, and to receive the tools to do so. The training sessions will begin Tuesday evenings, beginning September 26, at 7pm, and finishing November 7.


Be bold—ask the Holy Spirit for the boldness you need to rise to the invitation of helping others (and yourself) to live an abundant life in Christ with those around you!


Please listen to Father Dufner’s July 16 homily which contains his thoughts about Small Parish Groups 

Group Members

Small Parish Groups will begin during Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday on February 14, 2024 .  Not everyone who goes through the leader formation series in September 2023 will end up leading a group, but they can play an important role in the ongoing ministry of small parish groups by supporting the leaders and by understanding the good news of small parish groups.  Keep your ears and eyes open for more information about Small Parish Group registration after Christmas. 

Contact Mary Gunderson with questions. EMAIL