Why Homeschool?

Epiphany Catholic Homeschool Organization (ECHO) is a support group for Catholic families that choose to homeschool. We coordinate activities such as those listed below.

Homeschooling can work for any child, whether they are ahead, behind, strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted, or active. You can modify the academics of your homeschool to meet the needs of your child(ren).

You are in charge of the schedule, grade level, learning approach, curriculum. You choose what works for your family.

There are many curriculum providers that specifically incorporate the Catholic faith into their materials. You have the ability to grow your children’s faith.

What We Do
  • Monthly mom meetings
  • Field trips
  • Holiday parties (St. Valentine’s Day, Epiphany)
  • Annual Registration picnic
  • Weekly park days over the summer
  • Project Fair
  • End of school year party
  • Spring Formal Event
How To Join

Registration forms for ECHO, click here.

— registration deadline is September 10, 2021

Drop by our Registration Picnic, Sunday, August 29

How To Find Us.

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