Sacramental Training in the Atrium

Below is an overview of Sacrament Preparation in the atrium.

  • We look at God’s overall Plan of Salvation and how we fit into it.
  • The children reflect on the Maxims – short scripture verses that are the teachings of Jesus showing us how those who love and listen to God are invited to live. All the maxims spring from the Great Law, the “Summary of the Law,” the law of love. We also review the Ten Commandants. For a list of Maxims, click here.
  • We explore Moral Parables – the Found Coin and The Found Sheep in Luke 15:1-10. The freely given gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness is an occasion of celebration and rejoicing.
  • We review and practice receiving Reconciliation.
  • The Loving Father or Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-24. The Father and his prodigal son celebrate with a banquet!  What matters most is not the sin but that the son returned.
  • “Remain in me and you will bear much fruit.” The True Vine scripture in John 15 is explored in 2 separate presentations.  The first with emphasis on the relationship between the Vine grower, the Vine and the branches.  And the second using the imagery of the parable, sin is discussed as a “block” to the flow of sap with the vine. The Church provides a particular way to unblock the sap – Reconciliation. The joy of bearing fruit gives glory to the Vine grower.