High School Youth Ministry

Living as a disciple in High School.

High School Youth Ministry events seek to foster a community for all 9th-12th graders to have fun, ask the hard questions, and form deep friendships while growing in their relationship with God.

We desire young people to become well-formed persons and disciples. In the day-to-day busyness of life, the best thing we can offer families and teens is the peace of Christ. We strive to empower our youth to seek lasting relationships with Jesus Christ, grounded in a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and fostered by community.  


Who is High School Ministry for?

High School Ministry is open to all 9th-12th graders. We also welcome friends and visitors! For more information on how your youth or their friends can visit or join our youth ministry, contact Carly.

We also offer special events and retreats for our high school students. Click here to find out more about our high school retreat. Click here to learn more about the special opportunities we have for our youth. 

Why Small Groups?

Small groups are great at forming meaningful communities and relationships –  important aspects of our lives as Disciples of Christ. Using small groups in our ministry provides an opportunity for teens to grow in friendship and virtue while being challenged and encouraged to live out their faith.

These groups seek to fill the basic needs of every teen and offers critical adult mentorship and accompaniment in faith. Click here to learn more about small groups and the 5 needs of teens. 

Parent and Adult Involvement?

Research shows that parent and adult involvement is essential to our ministry and the faith of our youth! Teens care about what you care about and long for adult mentorship.

Not only do we appreciate your support from home, but also as small group leaders, Core Team members, and prayerful support.

Thank you for investing in your child’s faith and the life of this parish. Contact Carly to find out more about volunteering at Epiphany.