Vacation Bible School

The Eucharistic Revival is a three-year initiative that aims to inspire, educate, and unite. In a world where not many people know Jesus intimately, the revival is meant to show everyone what wonders the True Presence of Jesus can do to heal the soul. The current world is hurting and straying far from God. According to the Pew Research Center only 31% of Catholics even believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It is up to that 31% to spread the truth to all.

This year’s VBS will help our youngest little Catholics (of course, non-Catholics are welcome to join us, too!) to grow in understanding and love of Jesus in the Eucharist. Through skits, teachings, songs, prayers, games, forming friendships and even enjoying snacks, these saints-in-the-making will grow in devotion to Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist.

We’ll end our week with a Thursday evening picnic where everyone from the parish will be invited to join in the fun and fellowship.

June 12-15, 2023
8:00 a.m. Mass
8:45 a.m. – Noon VBS


Questions? Contact Suzanne Lewis at or 763.862.4336.

Still Needed – Online REGISTRATION to VOLUNTEER. 

See below for instructions.

Please pray for all the students and volunteers who are participating in VBS.

General questions – Dana
PreK Program – Mary
Teen Volunteers/Program – Carly
Adult Volunteers – Suzanne

Click the image to see the fun the kids have had throughout the last 5 years!

Teen Volunteers

Those who have completed 6th grade – 12th grade are encouraged to sign-up as a teen volunteer!

Please contact Carly for teen volunteering questions. EMAIL 

Feel free to EMAIL our office to check on your status on what forms you still need. After you register and before you can volunteer, we require the following: 

2 letters of Recommendation (not from a parent) – These are good for 2 years after completed.

Completed Application. This only needs to be completed once and is good until the teen turns 18 years old.

Signed Volunteer Code of Conduct – This is good for 2 years after completed.

Click Here to Register to Volunteer! 

Adult Volunteers

After you register and before you can volunteer, we require adults to have their VIRTUS training up-to-date. If you are unsure, please EMAIL our office to check on your status.

If you have never volunteer with us start with the application.

Completed Application. 

Then you’ll need to go to and create an account.  For detailed information go to our Volunteer Page and learn more.

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