Epiphany is a non denomination cemetery.
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Read an informational letter from Bob Mathewson, Cemetery Operations, regarding creating a funeral plan.  EMAIL Bob with questions.

Cemetery Rules

Read the rules for the Epiphany Cemetery update October 2019.

Cemetery Plots

Pricing and Support Information

Click here to review our pricing and other information you might find helpful during this important time in your life. *Updated 1/2023


Have you wondered what some of the symbols on a cemetery gravestone could mean?

Your trips to a cemetery can be far more interesting when you know what some of the symbols mean. You may be able to figure out what your ancestors believed or supported with the emblems on their gravestones.

Arches and Gates
Interlocked Rings
Sideways Cross

Passage into the next life
Hope or Navy
God’s messengers & guardians
Bible or the book of life
Represents rebirth, resurrection
Courage, strength
Faithfulness, remembrance
Welcoming of a soul to heaven
Heralds of the resurrection
Faith that the departed soul will be resurrected

Baby Burials
baby wall

Epiphany Cemetery will help all families that have lost a baby, parishioners or non-parishioners, Catholic or non-Catholic.

A baby born between conception and 20 weeks gestation needs to be picked up by a funeral home. There may be a charge for this service.

Learn more about hospital procedures.

Cemetery Mapping

Find Your Loved One

Clink on the link to take you to Cemetery Mapping.

Click on the magnifying glass. Last blue icon on top.    

The search box will appear on the left. Insert the information of the deceased. It is not necessary to have all the information listed.

Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom.        All names with similar spelling will appear. Double click on the one you are looking for and the map location will appear.

Double click on the space and a Property Info box will appear.

Click on Pathfinder and it will show you the path to walk to your loved one.

Would you like a satellite view? Click on Lat, Long numbers and it will show you an areal view.

If you would like a printout of the map, click the print button on top or right click and select print.

EMAIL Bob for more information.