Councils and Commissions

The Council's Role
  • A place for parishioners to express themselves
  • Forum to provide advice to Pastor
  • Way to “manage” Ministry
  • Spread vision of the church, parish and pastor
  • Become more informed Catholics and leaders

In order to achieve this, we utilize a structure that lends itself to productive dialogue and for participants to feel more engaged in the parish.

Leadership Structure:

  • Pastoral Council includes- the Pastor and 5 parishioners to meet monthly (can include trustees and certain parish staff).
  • Council members (5) visit Commission meetings and Commission chairs present to Council annually.

Commissions/Ministries meet as a large group four times annually to update other Chairs on their work and to discuss parish goals.

The next quarterly parish meeting  TBD

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The Council's Role

The School Advisory Council is a visioning group whose mission is to encourage and facilitate lifelong education in Faith for the whole person.

We are active members of Epiphany Parish who are devoted to the support and guidance of the many education ministries that are core to the foundation of the Church of the Epiphany.

The purpose of the council is to facilitate and foster communication and collaboration between our educational committees, groups, and ministries in support of the parish plan and mission. We help provide on-going direction to the groups within the commission and assist them in reaching their goals. We serve as a liaison for our ministries to the Parish Council. Meeting minutes are posted following approval by commissioners and can be found below.

We seek the involvement of our ministries in the pursuit of the overall commission and parish objectives. We do this through communication and involvement in our monthly meetings and additional work sessions. (We meet the second Tuesday of the month.) We use a consensual decision-making process to guide our activities and recommendations. In addition, we reach out to become involved in their organizations through meetings and active participation. We do this to better understand their ministries and what they do.

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The Commission's Role

The Finance Commission works with the parish staff and advises the pastor with regard to the assets and finances of The Church of the Epiphany in order to ensure that the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our community are met. The Commission will work with the church community to obtain and distribute the resources necessary to support the parish, students, faculty, and vision of The Church of the Epiphany within the guidelines of the Archdiocese.

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The Commission's Role

The Liturgy Commission will work to manifest a liturgical environment that invites an understanding of the celebration of the Eucharist through full, conscious, and active participation in the Mass.

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Our Ministries

Altar Servers
Environment Committee
Vigil Light Cleaners
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic
Lector Ministry
Office of Sacristan
Music Ministries
Epiphany Prayer Chain
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
Rosary Groups