Who Is Eligible

To Celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage

To be married in the Catholic Church either the Bride or Groom needs to be a Roman Catholic who practices his or her faith and both parties need to be free to marry within the Catholic Church. Freedom to marry will be established in the initial phone call with Teresa McCarthy and at the first meeting with the assigned clergy. No wedding dates are given until this is established, so please do not book your reception hall until after the priest or deacon has established this freedom.

To Celebrate a Wedding at Epiphany

In addition to the above, all couples having a wedding at Epiphany must have a connection tot he parish. Are you a registered parishioner? Did you attend school here? Receive other sacraments here? Are related to an active parishioner? We are a large parish and have many members and we wish to reserve our wedding slots for couples with a connection to our parish.

To The Couples

Who are Parishioners, but will be Married Elsewhere

If you are getting married at a church out of the area and wish to complete your premarriage preparation at Epiphany you will need to follow the same steps outlined here. Please have the priest that will be marrying you take a look at our requirements to ensure they will fit his requirements. The fee for preparation only, is $150.

Who live Elsewhere, but will be Married at Epiphany

If you are getting married at Epiphany but live out of the area, we can work with that as well. You may be able to complete much of your preparation at a Catholic church that is closer to where you live. Please locate the church you would like to work with and let us know the priests name and the church name and what program of preparation they offer and we can see how it will all work out.