Open Your Hearts To Life

Robbinsdale Women’s Center

Real Time Prayer “RTP”

This prayer ministry connects you with what’s happening in the center in real time. Will you be an intercessor for the women who come to RWC? God changes their hearts and lives for His glory and for the saving of lives!

Upcoming Events

RWC Walk and Ride for Life
Saturday, August 22nd

Walk and Ride for Life!

Can you believe it’s already July? The Walk and Ride for Life is almost a month away, and we would love to have you on the team to help raise $100,000 for RWC!


Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in MN, there will be no in-person registration, handing out of prizes, or lunch the day of the event. Participants will be able to collect donations using FundEasy, and can arrange to pick up fundraising prizes at RWC (or at your church, if that will be easier).


Participants can walk or bike on their own any time on Saturday, August 22nd, any place they want to represent RWC! Whether that’s at French Regional Park or in your own neighborhoods, we hope you’ll feel a sense of community with other RWC supporters, and of celebration for the work you do in supporting God’s saving of lives through RWC.

RWC 100 Hole Challenge:
Monday, September 28th
Rush Creek Golf Club

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Space is starting to get a little tight and I am starting to get a little bored. Instead of jumping around and doing somersaults, all I can do now is wait for mom to go to sleep and then yell, ”Happy Birthday…to me…in more 3 months!” I am also still scratch things, crying, hiccupping, and sucking my thumb. Wish I had a coloring book and some crayons!

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 “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.”

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SIGN A PROLIFE PETITION AT  click legislation. Local contact Pat Bock 612.710.2317 or

Saturdays at 10 a.m. Father Dufner leads the Rosary, at the Chapel of the Innocents next to the Robbinsdale abortion center, 3819 W. Broadway, Robbinsdale. Please join him and other prayer warriors.

Fridays at 3 p.m. at Planned Parenthood, 671 Vandalia St. Paul, the Rosary is led by the Legion of Mary’s Spiritual Director, Father Randal Kasel. This is a powerful opportunity to pray to defeat Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country.

Contact Pat Bock with any questions:  763-427-7509

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats

Rachel’s Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Weekend retreats offer you a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal and healing.

Retreat Dates

Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities’ retreats are open to anyone impacted by abortion – moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, health care professionals.

For more information contact: Nancy at or 763.250.9313

100 Years Ago, Hollywood Made an Anti-Abortion Movie
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Resources for you

Epiphany Caring
For Life

The Epiphany Church campus is closed but per Govenor Walz we are included in essential business “Workers who support food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals, such as those residing in shelters”

We are planning on continuing to serve the parish, Anoka county, and school community during this time.

Please call our 24-hour hotline at 612.803.2225.

We are a not-for-profit organization operating out of Epiphany Catholic Church since 1997 offering a variety of short and long term pregnancy support to women in Anoka County.

ECL has been providing services to pregnant women and women with young children in Anoka County since January, 1997. Our mission is to support, empower, and assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term and promoting healthy families. We continue to provide four main programs to facilitate these goals; the 24 hour care line, baby closet, pack n play and car seat program, companion program, and referrals to other local services.

Epiphany Caring for Life ( ECL) offers personal support, resources and information to women experiencing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. The goal is to enable them to choose life. Angels Wings, a part of ECL, offers miscarriage support. Please call our 24-hour hotline at 612.803.2225.

Expectant fathers coached at Apple Valley pregnancy center

| January 10, 2019

(click heading to read the article from the Catholic Spirit)

Strong. Beautiful. Inside and Out.

That’s how we see our clients who are facing a decision regarding an unexpected pregnancy. We see the whole human person, one who is deserving of respect and dignity – and full information to make the right decision. We see our clients’ inner strength, and we have their back.

We offer a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment for Twin Cities women and couples facing an unexpected pregnancy. Our clients experience friendship, hope and encouragement through positive and life-affirming medical and personal support services, education and resources.

Prayer groups welcome at our St. Paul clinic! Did you know that Abria Pregnancy Resource Center has a Eucharistic Chapel right inside our clinic? Yes, we do! October is Respect Life Month, and Abria would like to invite you to spend time in our Chapel praying for our mission of putting a choice for life within reach for thousands of Twin Cities women facing unexpected pregnancies and sexual health concerns.

The Chapel is open from 9:00 am—Noon. We have room for 12-15 people per hour. To make your reservation, please contact Barbara Stalsberg, Abria Outreach Volunteer, at or call 612-716-8013.

Volunteer Opportunity for Expectant Mothers
Abria Pregnancy Resources is seeking volunteer ultrasound models to participate in our nurse training. This is a unique opportunity to help Abria’s life-affirming work as well as take home cherished photos of your baby in utero!

Women 5-1/2 weeks pregnant and above are invited to participate as volunteer models for free ultrasounds March 30-31, April 1-4 & 6-7. Sign up to volunteer today at

We Can Help You

Birthright treats each woman as an individual who deserves love and respect, as well as personal attention to her unique situation. We offer information and referrals to help clients meet their emotional and material needs.

Birthright services are always free, absolutely confidential, and available to any woman regardless of age, race, religion, marital status, or financial situation.

Our toll-free Birthright Helpline at 1-800-550-4900 and talk to someone 24/7.  Find a location near you.

TLC Options for Women is a life-affirming, non-profit organization that assists 35 affiliated Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. These Affiliates help people facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies by offering total and compassionate service, extending God’s love to women and men, and encouraging them to make the loving choice — the choice for LIFE.   (Find a Center).  TLC Options for Women helps support these centers and clinics achieve their mission by providing training for staff and volunteers, marketing assistance to individual centers and to the entire affiliation of centers , special grants, and more.  One of our key roles is to help facilitate networking among the leadership between centers.  TLC has been assisting this affiliation of Pregnancy Resource Centers and Clinics since 1974.

PROLIFE Across AMERICA is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to changing hearts and saving babies’ lives. We are committed to bringing positive, persuasive messages, offering information and alternatives – including adoption – and post abortion assistance to those in need.

PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s mission since 1989 has been to reach out through billboard, radio and newspaper ads to people who may not be reached in any other way. Our ads create an “Atmosphere of Life” in a “culture of death.”

So often our tender and touching ads are the only visible sign offering hope and help to someone who may be on the brink of an abortion decision.  NEED HELP!