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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Surrogate Motherhood

The politics of IVF and Surrogacy are heating up. It’s time for Catholics to take a good look.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has introduced a bill he says would protect in vitro fertilization. Many of our political leaders endorse this position. What could possibly be wrong with it? Ted Cruz said, IVF is “incredibly pro-family”. This is simply not the case.  Both IVF and Surrogacy are gravely immoral.

What Is In Vitro Fertilization?

Why would the Church condemn both IVF and Surrogacy? Aren’t they both pro-life? No. IVF usually requires many embryos to be fertilized to achieve pregnancy. These are tiny human beings. Many are placed in the mother’s womb and often several will implant. After some time, those seen as less desirable are aborted or killed by a process euphemistically called “selective reduction.” The unused embryos are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for later use or are thrown away. The Church condemns IVF.

What Is Surrogacy?

The National Catholic Register on January 22, 2024 wrote: Surrogacy is an agreement between adults whereas a woman (known as the surrogate) carries and gives birth to a child on behalf of a couple (known as the intended parents) or a single person…

Like adoption, surrogacy isn’t cheap. It can cost the intended parents more than $100,000. But intended parents go through the process with a contract ensuring the baby will legally be theirs at birth.

The arrangement requires in vitro fertilization, in which conception takes place in a Petri dish by using a man’s sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg. (In vitro is Latin for “in glass.”) The embryo is then transplanted into the surrogate’s uterus.

What Does Pope Francis Say?

Pope Francis told diplomats Jan. 8 that he finds surrogacy “deplorable” and would like to see the practice universally banned.

Bishop Rober Barron, building off the Holy Father’s statement, wrote on January 24, 2024:

“Pope Francis strongly condemned the practice of surrogacy calling it ‘a grave violation of the dignity of the woman and the child.’ He emphasized that a child is a gift and as such can ‘never (be) the basis of a commercial contract.’ Surrogacy represents the commodification and instrumentalization of a woman’s body, treating her as a ‘carrier’ rather than a human person. And just as troubling is the fact that the child is reduced to terms of buying and selling as an object of human trafficking.

“The commercialization of women and children in surrogacy is underlined by the belief that there is a right to have a child. The child becomes an object for the fulfillment of one’s desires instead of a person to be cherished. In this way, the genuine right of the child to be conceived through the love of his or her parents is overlooked in favor of ‘the right to have a child by any means necessary.’

We must avoid this way of thinking and answer the call to respect human life, beginning with the unborn child.

brain, and hardens the heart.  People of faith have a hunger for beauty and mystery and belonging to a story; the story of a living, believing community, ongoing and true across cultures and time.  And they’re too often not getting that in their local churches.

This is why a hunger for beauty and the religious frame of mind are so closely related and so vital for human flourishing.  They both flow from a humble sense of human imperfection while reaching for the transcendent.  For better or worse, it’s also why so many young families seek out the beauty and mystery of the old Latin Mass.

We need beauty to ennoble our imagination, to guide our scientific intuitions, and to poke through the blather and venom of “wokeness.”  We need it to see reality clearly.  We need beauty because it keeps us human.  Beauty tells us that despite our sins and failures, Creation is good.  And behind it is a Creator who loves us.

Catholics Voting for Life in 2024
As election day 2024 approaches, you need to:

1: understand the Pro-Life issues of candidates;
2: register to vote;
3: know where to vote and;
4: early voting as necessary.

Our Minnesota had a 20% increase in abortions last year. The Land-of-10,000 Lakes unfortunately is also the land-of-12,000 aborted children. Our lawmakers do not seem to understand that the Epiphany Parishioners do not want this extremism. Plan to attend the “Save the 12,000” meeting, in the Cafeteria, at 6:30 p.m. Sunday October 29. You will learn more about our horrible MN laws and what we need to do.


My Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary who gave birth to You out of love, and through the intercession of St Joseph, the man of faith who cared for You after Your Birth, I turn to You on behalf of this conceived child who has been Spiritually Adopted by me and who is threatened by abortion.