SYNOD Tuesdays

Starting Tuesdays, September 28

Mornings: 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Evenings: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

September 28, October 5 and 26, November 2, 9 and 16

Synod Focus Groups

We have all thought, and even said, “The Church really needs to…(fill in the blank)” Here is your chance to voice your concerns and opinions in a safe environment. Sign up to be part of the Tuesday, Synod Focus Groups.  You can be placed in an existing group, we can create a new group, or continue to be part of the group you are in.  We also need group facilitators and scribes for each group. There will be training for these positions. Click here to see the dates for Zoom training.

Fill out this form and email to or print and drop off at the parish office. 

If you would rather use a Google form, click here

Learn more about what will be discussed.

Synod Now
Focus Group's Facilitators and Scribes

In each focus group there will need to be a facilitator and a scribe. If you’ve selected to become a facilitator or a scribe on the registration form, here is what you could expect:

Attend Fall Training: Attend 1 training. Trainings will be offered by the Archdiocese late August and early September. the training will cover Synod Small Group material use and reporting feedback, and facilitator and scribe training.

Faithful: Faithful practicing Catholic who desires to help others grow in their faith through the Synod Focus Group process.

Prepare: Be prepared for the weekly lessons. Arrive on time and welcome members.

Facilitators: Encourage and joyfully support the members as you guide the discussion. Let them know you care about them and value their input. Be a good listener.

Scribes: Be attentive to the discussion and document the group’s feedback on the focus areas, as directed by the Synod Focus Group materials.

Training for Facilitators and Scribes

Click here to register for a zoom session, with a few in-person training. Facilitator/Scribes should register only for the Facilitator/Scribe training.

Synod Universal Monthly Prayer Intercessions

July 2021: Just and Reverent Man

That in imitation of St. Joseph the just and reverent man, each of us in the Synod process would practice the justice and reverence God requires of us.

August 2021: Savior of the Savior

That as St. Joseph saved his Savior when King Herod tried to destroy him, we also, participating in synod small groups this fall, would protect the message of Jesus from those trying to suppress it.

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