Chapel Etiquette

Never leave Jesus Alone.

We never leave Jesus alone! This is of utmost importance. Out of respect, love, courtesy and the need for us to protect the Real Presence of Jesus in His exposed and vulnerable state, an adorer must always be present in our perpetual adoration chapel (except during Masses /when He is reposed). We never abandon Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Our adorers are very committed people, but mistakes and emergencies do occur. On rare occasion, the next scheduled adorer(s) will arrive late… or not at all. Please stay until the next committed adorer shows up or ask someone currently present if they can stay to cover the rest of the hour.

Respect the presence of the Lord. Upon entering/exiting the chapel pew, those physically able are asked to momentarily genuflect on both knees before Jesus’ real presence in the exposed Blessed Sacrament, and many adorers further choose to touch their hands and/or forehead to the ground in a kneeling prostrate form.

Respect the silence. The chapel is a place of peace, rest and quiet worship. Please turn your cell phone ringer, messaging and sound effects off. Keep conversations and distractions to a minimum (or take outside the chapel).


but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 19:14

We encourage families to commit to a weekly hour.

Husbands and wives (esp those with small children) should be pushing their spouse out the door for a rejuvenating hour of uninterrupted silence and prayer at the feet of Our Lord. Parents should be encouraging older children and teens to forge a personal connection with Jesus. A family can rotate the hour among themselves in any variety of ways: e.g., spouses can take individual turns, spouses can go together as a “date,” spouses can take turns bringing children, the whole family can attend together, teens can go alone, etc.

Babies and small children are welcome in our chapel. Use the same prudence you would at Mass for knowing when it might be best to step out for a moment. A helpful article for families with small children: How to Bring Kids to Adoration