Perpetual Adoration Chapel

And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping; and he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me one hour?” – Matthew 26:40
About Perpetual Adoration

The real and living presence of Jesus is directly and constantly available to us in our Perpetual Adoration chapel. The monstrance on the altar cradles a consecrated host—it holds for us the ongoing miracle of Jesus, in the flesh of the Blessed Sacrament, for our benefit. Adoration is the greatest devotion we can have to Our Lord, second only to worshiping Him in the most holy sacrifice of the Mass. Adoration itself is an extension of the Mass.

Having 24/7 access to Jesus in our Perpetual Adoration chapel is an incredible privilege. It’s our individual and collective duty to worship, guard, accompany and adore Him, as He sits before us in His exposed and vulnerable state.

Entrance is in back of church, off of 111th Avenue NW, across from the cemetery.

36th Anniversary - Adoration Chapel

Bishop Michael Izen

Celebrating with Mass, Talk and Dinner for our 36th Anniversary of our Adoration Chapel

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We Adore Him

We have moved to a new program for signing in and out, and for getting a sub.  We have also instituted Captains for each hour.  If you have a problem while at Adoration, the Captain’s name can be found on the iPad, in the chapel.  You can also contact the Margaret, Head Coordinator at 763-248-3212 or  EMAIL

These instructions are also posted in the chapel.

Phone calls and text messages from our adoration program, We Adore Him, will be sent from 763.328.0550. Please add this number to your contacts, and please answer calls from this number.

Check-In Instructions (for the Chapel iPad only)

Scheduled Adorers

Check-in: Tap your name–the box with your name will turn green.
Check-out: Please make sure a registered adorer or substitute for the next hour has checked in before you check out.


Check-in: Tap “Substitute or Guest”
Enter information
Tap “Check in as Substitute”
The box with your name will be green.
Check-out: Please make sure a registered adorer or substitute for the next hour has checked in before you check out.


Check-in: Tap “Guest”
Enter information
Tap “Check in as Guest”
There will be a box with your name.

Are you a committed Adorer already? Need to sign into your current account?

Follow these steps using your Smartphone

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the Log in button
  3. Put in your name or your email address or your phone number
  4. Tap Forgot your password
  5. Enter your name, email address, or phone number AND
    tap how you want your password code given to you
  6. Type in your password code and tap Submit
  7. On the top tap My Dashboard you will see your hourly commitments, your prayer partners, your Hourly Captains, and Request Substitute

Questions? Contact Margaret 763.248.3212

Commit to an Hour

We need YOU to commit to a scheduled, weekly hour with Jesus! To become one of His guardian adorers, click here to signup for the hour of your choice.

Please consider choosing a hour that’s low on coverage, if any, highlighted in gold —this is where our greatest need is!  For more information call 763-248-3212 or EMAIL